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Closing the Gap From Franchise Sold to Franchise Open

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Franchising & Franchisors Agreements

For over 16 years, Foxfield Construction Ltd. has been helping franchisors get their franchises open promptly. We work exclusively with a select group of franchisors to develop the systems and programs to make every franchisee a successful business owner, from brand design to developing brand books, A&E, and construction management services.

Foxfield will guide you through the process from development to the roll out of best practices to ensure franchisee development costs are maintained year over year. Based in Bartlett, IL, with offices in Chicago, Las Vegas, and Dallas, TX, we specialize in franchise building construction, ensuring that we close the gap between you purchasing the franchise and the franchise opening to the public.

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Serving Franchises Nationwide

Foxfield Construction, Ltd. has been a full-service general contractor and construction manager since 1985. When we say
we will get you open, it is a guarantee, not a promise. We are licensed in several states and have
offices in the Dallas Metro area, Chicago Metro area, Denver Metro area, and southern Utah. Foxfield will go coast to coast to service all of your project and franchise needs.

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Let Us Help Develop Your Brand

Foxfield Construction Ltd. specializes in branding development, from design to implementation, ensuring that your franchise stands out. We have worked with brands across the nation, giving us the experience and expertise to take your local brand to the next level.

Let us help your franchise become a nationally recognized leader through our brand development services. Our services include:


  • Brand Differentiation
  • Branding Image
  • Developing Brand Standard Manuals
  • Securing National Accounts

We’re Here to Help You Grow

Foxfield Construction, Ltd. aids in growing your brand. We offer partnerships with brands to help develop and present at franchise events, such as your discovery days, trade shows, and much more. Our dedicated sales team is here to help walk your prospective franchisees through the process of opening their business. Foxfield partners with several real estate partners to help develop and secure the best locations for your franchise needs. Foxfield uncovers and weeds out the wrong sites by analyzing every site selected for an LOI.

To help strengthen and promote your brand, we offer a wide range of services, including:


  • Discovery Day Consulting
  • FDD item 7 and 19 Refinement and Maintaining Program
  • Lead Generation CRM Software
  • Sales Support and Content Development
  • Refine Landlord’s Work Letter Requirements.
  • Develop Franchise Work Letters for Real Estate.

Process-driven, Results Focused

Foxfield’s integrated mastery in brand development is what will separate your brand from others.
Foxfield has processes in place that can be easily integrated with your current system. As a process-driven company, we focus on effectively and efficiently making use of time to save you costs and put your franchise on the map. No matter what step of the process you’re in, you can be sure Foxfield Construction, Ltd. has the expertise you need.

Discovery Day in Bartlett, IL

Discovery Day

Kickoff Calls in Bartlett, IL

Kickoff Calls

CRM Software for Lead & Organization in Bartlett, IL

CRM Software for Lead & Organization

Lease Negotiations in Bartlett, IL

Lease Negotiations

Site Visitation to Prospective Sites in Bartlett, IL

Site Visitation to Prospective Sites

Budget Review Processes in Bartlett, IL

Budget Review Processes

Onsite Pre-Bid Meetings in Bartlett, IL

Onsite Pre-Bid Meetings

Deep Dive Scope Reviews & Bid Assistance in Bartlett, IL

Deep Dive Scope Reviews & Bid Assistance

Contracting in Bartlett, IL


Warranty & Closeout in Bartlett, IL

Warranty & Closeout

Supporting Your Franchise Every Step of the Way

With over 100 years of experience on the Foxfield team, we know how to scale your franchise to new heights. We do the heavy work for franchisors like developing their brand manuals, setting up their procurements and national account vendors, and scaling up to build their franchisee licenses sold.

Foxfield is the total package and precisely what you need to scale your franchise. We have seen the
struggle franchisors are going through, and we offer solutions to grow in the right way. Foxfield Construction Ltd. helps your franchise develop a firm sale and closing rate at your discovery days. We also assist in opening franchise licenses sold or creating, and managing plans for sustainable growth well into the future. We’re ready to take your dreams and make them a reality.


  • Operational assessment
  • Ensuring brand standards are being held
  • Procurement and national accounts
  • KPI Management and setup

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