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Closing the Gap From Franchise Sold to Franchise Open

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Franchising & Franchisors Agreements

Foxfield Construction has been devoted to assisting franchisors in launching their franchises with efficiency and success. Our exclusive collaboration with a carefully selected group of franchisors allows us to establish effective systems and programs, empowering each franchisee to thrive as a successful business owner. Our services encompass brand design, brand books, architecture and engineering
(A&E) services, and comprehensive construction management, covering the entire development process. 

At Foxfield, we specialize in efficiently closing the gap between franchises sold and franchises open. Our streamlined processes and expertise allow us to minimize the time and optimize the steps needed to get your franchise up and running quickly. From obtaining necessary permits and approvals to coordinating construction and implementing brand standards, we are dedicated to ensuring a smooth and timely
transition from franchise sale to successful franchise opening. With our experienced team by your side, you can confidently accelerate your path to a thriving franchise operation.

Serving Franchises Nationwide

Established in 1985, Foxfield Construction Ltd. is a leading full-service general contractor and construction manager. Our unwavering commitment to excellence
ensures that when we say, “we will get you open” it is a guarantee, not just a promise.

With licenses in multiple states and offices strategically located in the Dallas Metro area, Chicago Metro area, and southern Utah, we are equipped to cater to your project and franchise needs from coast to coast.

Discover the wide array of other services we offer below!


Let Us Help Develop Your Brand

We excel in branding development, offering comprehensive solutions from design to implementation, to make your franchise stand out in a competitive market. Our extensive experience working with brands nationwide has equipped us with the expertise needed to elevate your local brand to unparalleled levels of success. Trust Foxfield to be the driving force behind your franchise’s growth and recognition.


  • Brand Differentiation
  • Branding Image
  • Developing Brand Standard Manuals
  • Securing National Accounts


Reach out to Foxfield now and let’s embark on this exciting journey together.

We’re Here to Help You Grow

Foxfield Construction, Ltd. is your trusted ally in brand growth and development. We offer invaluable partnerships with brands, providing expert assistance in developing and presenting at key franchise events such as discovery days, trade shows, and more. Our dedicated sales team is committed to guiding your prospective franchisees through the entire business opening process, ensuring a smooth and successful launch.

When it comes to securing the best locations for your franchise needs, Foxfield leverages its network of real estate partners. Our thorough approach involves analyzing each site selected for a Letter of Intent (LOI), ensuring that only the most suitable and
promising locations are chosen while eliminating unsuitable ones.

To fortify and promote your brand, we offer an array of comprehensive services, including:

  • Discovery Day Consulting
  • FDD item 7 and 19 Refinement and Maintaining Program
  • Lead Generation CRM Software
  • Sales Support and Content Development
  • Refine Landlord’s Work Letter Requirements.
  • Develop Franchise Work Letters for Real Estate.

Process-driven, Results Focused

Foxfield’s integrated mastery in brand development is what will separate your brand from others.
Foxfield has processes in place that can be easily integrated with your current system. As a process-driven company, we focus on effectively and efficiently making use of time to save you costs and put your franchise on the map. No matter what step of the process you’re in, you can be sure Foxfield Construction, Ltd. has the expertise you need.

Discovery Day in Bartlett, IL

Discovery Day

Kickoff Calls in Bartlett, IL

Kickoff Calls

CRM Software for Lead & Organization in Bartlett, IL

CRM Software for Lead & Organization

Lease Negotiations in Bartlett, IL

Lease Negotiations

Site Visitation to Prospective Sites in Bartlett, IL

Site Visitation to Prospective Sites

Budget Review Processes in Bartlett, IL

Budget Review Processes

Onsite Pre-Bid Meetings in Bartlett, IL

Onsite Pre-Bid Meetings

Deep Dive Scope Reviews & Bid Assistance in Bartlett, IL

Deep Dive Scope Reviews & Bid Assistance

Contracting in Bartlett, IL


Warranty & Closeout in Bartlett, IL

Warranty & Closeout

Supporting Your Franchise Every Step of the Way

With an impressive collective experience of over 100 years, the Foxfield team
possesses the knowledge and expertise to elevate your franchise to new heights of
success. As your trusted partner, we handle the heavy lifting for franchisors, taking care of crucial aspects like developing brand manuals, setting up procurements and national account vendors, and scaling up to increase franchisee licenses sold.

Foxfield Construction Ltd. is the total package you need to effectively scale your
franchise. We understand the challenges that franchisors face, and we offer tailored
solutions to ensure sustainable growth in the right direction. Our comprehensive
services include helping your franchise achieve solid sales and closing rate during
discovery days, as well as assisting in the smooth opening of franchise licenses and
creating and managing plans for long-term, sustainable expansion.

Here’s how we can support your franchise’s growth:

  • Operational assessment
  • Ensuring brand standards are being held
  • Procurement and national accounts
  • KPI Management and setup

At Foxfield Construction Ltd., we are dedicated to turning your dreams into reality. Let us be the driving force behind your franchise’s growth and success. Contact us today to explore how our services can propel your franchise to new heights.

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