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Professionally Managing Construction Projects for Over 35 Years

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We Value the Foxfield Construction Ltd Process

What sets Foxfield Construction Ltd apart from others is our dedication to meticulous planning and completion of our process. From helping to select your architecture and engineering firm and competitively bidding your project thoroughly to ensure best pricing and value for your investment. Based in Bartlett, IL, we do this by using our Value-Based Design approach to maximize your investment for each commercial, institutional, or industrial construction project from inception to completion.

The Four Steps to Open

Step One: Pre-Lease Due Diligence

Our team will review the terms of the location, determine any local permits, work letters, manage test fits, and more. Starting at the letter of intent approval stage of the Real Estate Process, Foxfield Construction Ltd. will find the red flags, like electrical, plumbing, or HVAC issues, before you get into a situation that costs extra time and money. Once those costs are determined, we will create an approval package.

Step Two: Pre-Construction

In this stage, we determine the design management, work with municipalities to receive permits, determine budgets, bidding, and procure a contract that is beneficial to both parties. We strive to reduce variables that will negatively impact the timeline and halt construction. This is where most projects struggle, so Foxfield Construction Ltd. works hard to determine everything necessary to proceed as quickly and effectively as possible.

Step Three: Construction

In this step, we will be managing the entire construction process from start to finish. This involves scheduling, invoice auditing, change order controls, and weekly reports. Luckily, our red flag search in our earlier phase makes our construction projects run far smoother than others. This also allows us to focus on planning presales and opening.

Step Four: Post-Construction

Lastly, we handle all of the paperwork and legal items to release to any T.I. dollars. We also do a site walkthrough to ensure you’re happy with the results. We will accomplish bonds, permits, and project closeouts. Foxfield Construction Ltd. will also confirm everything was done per contract with vendors and G.C.

For more information about our construction management services, please contact our team at 630-213-0777 today!

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