Professionally Trained Contractors in the Workplace

At Foxfield Construction, safety in the workplace is a top priority for our employees and associates. To protect everyone involved in our construction projects, we have designed a program that ensures a safe workplace with zero incidents.

Since we have been in business, our workers compensation experience modifier has remained at the lowest possible rating. We also have on file the Experience Modification Factor form from the National Council on Compensation Insurance Co.

A Clean Workplace is a Safe Workplace

To ensure a safe workplace, Foxfield Construction…

• Provides each employee with the information and resources they need to limit the exposure that results from construction activities.

• Logs and documents all lessons learned from construction activities to develop safe practices and methods that are shared with each employee daily.

• Empowers employees to address safety concerns prior to and during the construction process.

Our Objective

At Foxfield Construction, our main objective is to train and educate each employee and subcontractor about construction safety procedures to ensure a safe work environment. We do this with an emphasis on continual safety education, proactive support and resources, and a commitment to implementing safe construction practices every day and on every project.

To help accomplish our objective, we provide our team with two level safety orientations, a 10-hour and 30-hour OSHA safety program, and site specific safety orientation meetings.

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To learn more about our commitment to a safe workplace and to the safety of our employees and clients, call our office in Bartlett, IL today at (630) 213-0777.