Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

A message to Foxfield Construction Team Members:

We have a strong heritage at Foxfield Construction Ltd. that reflects generations of hard work and accomplishments in the construction business by exceptional people. Together, we have established a reputation for integrity and fairness, reliable performance, and quality results. We, as stewards of the company, have a duty to build upon our strong heritage of integrity and fairness by consistently adhering to our company’s values.


We are uncompromising in upholding the highest business ethics. We deal fairly and honestly with others. We comply with all laws and regulations. We do what is right by acting in accordance with our company values. Everyone in our organization is expected to do the right thing, as defined by our values. There is no substitute for the exercise of sound judgment based on the principles of forthrightness and integrity. We will never take improper advantage of any situation.

Our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct provides guidance on expected behaviors, and on doing the right thing to maintain and enhance our reputation for integrity and fairness. While the Code of Ethics and Business Conduct does not cover every issue you will encounter, it reviews the principles, company values, company policies, and some laws that govern our company. We are all expected to use good judgment and obtain needed leadership assistance when we are uncertain of the correct action to take.

Under no circumstances should any team member commit an unethical or illegal act under the pretense of being in the company’s best interests. Together, we can continue to demonstrate that Foxfield Construction stands for the highest standards of integrity and fairness by “Doing the Right Thing”.

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